IntellyTablet is an application that facilitates access control inside a room by managing the entry and exit of people, both registered and not, through recognition systems such as QR Scanning, badges, and biometrics.

Thanks to recognition and identification we are able to:

  • Manage the automation of scenes such as opening and closing doors, switching on lights, or activating relays;

  • Record the presence of people in rooms, premises, and buildings;

  • Set inbound rules and restrictions such as green pass or temperature control;

  • Manage the issue of customized prints;

It also comes with exclusive additional features that will allow you to:manage the booking of rooms and desks,record the progress of orders and jobs track contacts,collect custom data for AI services, and many more.


Managing attendance registration has never been easier with IntellyScan! By placing a Tablet on the entrance gate, it will be possible to register the presence of your staff using one of the identification options (QRcode, badge, biometrics) or you can easily register your visitors by filling in the appropriate form.


The IntellyScan solution allows you to add a series of checks during access to pass to validate, register and enter a room.The controls currently support temperature detection and health certification (green pass) but can be customized according to the specific needs of each individual activity.


Thanks to our suite of applications for windows we are able to control all the configured relays, even on multiple gates, or directly control the relays of a single gate by adding all the AI ​​video analysis functions.Therefore, using wireless relays we are able to manage and control any device by sending MQTT commands. The relays, once registered on our server, are commanded to open or close a contact that can operate, for example, automatic doors or turnstiles.


We combine advanced artificial intelligence services to analyze the possible data collected by our solution through cameras and sensors. Our artificial intelligence services allow us, for example, to identify any critical issues on the products and services offered to our customers by analyzing the state of interaction and satisfaction.


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Record Attendance

In front of IntellyTablet, it is possible to easily register an input or an output using one of the recognition methods enabled such as:

  • QR Code scan
  • Contactless badge
  • Facial recognition
  • Fingerprint
Carry out checks

Before entering a location, it is possible to carry out various types of checks on a person, such as:

  • Valid Health Certification
  • Temperature Control
  • Document Control
  • Ticket Control
  • Check validity requirements
Manage automation

IntellyScan allows you to program, depending on an event, the opening and closing of a contact (relay) compatible with the MQQT protocol, thus managing communication with:

  • Automatic Doors
  • Turnstiles
  • Lighting
  • Acoustic Signalling device
Issue Prints

IntellyScan on request allows you to provide, following access, control or other, a personalized print to its users such as:

  • Information
  • Outcome of the checks
  • Discount coupon issue
  • Queue clearing tickets
  • Lotteries
Plotting Process

Use the IntellyTablet camera or connect a barcode reader to the device, it will be possible to identify your staff and record the processing of:

  • Production Orders
  • Activities
  • Projects
  • Processing
Make reservations

With IntellyAccess it will also be possible to manage booking and invitation services for the use and commitment of:

  • Meeting
  • Rooms
  • Desks
  • Equipment
Tracking contacts

Furthermore, the solution enables tracing of contacts between people and does not allow new scenarios by using this technology, such as:

  • Verification principals
  • Interaction Analysis
  • Commitment of instruments

AI Ready - Video Analysis

IntellyScan is the innovative solution that allows you to automatically and safely control the access of your space, which includes the following key features:

  • Access control
  • Facial recognition
  • Suitability and Temperature Control
  • Monitoring and Alarms
  • Bluetooth devices and Tracking
  • Device Alarm and Tracking in case of ascertained contact and many more.


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