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Boost productivity, automate your business, and unlock new possibilities

Drive prodigious business efficiencies & co-create digital solutions using our digital twin solutions. Saskia’s Process Digital Twin is not just a digital mock-up of a physical environment, but it is the contextual representation of an entire organization and its operations that can be used to make data-driven decisions and eliminate inefficiencies in business processes.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive and prescriptive maintenance methods can predict and prevent asset failure, saving time, money, and productivity.

Behavioral pattern recognition

Digital Twin Solution  yields actionable insights will help you to take decisions on space planning and move coordination to employee’s health insights.

Assets tracking and optimization

Digital Twin allows operators to visually experience the operation of a specific asset or plant and alert/notify or take remedial actions in case of deviation.

Business processes optimization

By using Digital Twin, everything can be connected & virtually designed, validated, & tested to minimize development time, increase quality, & respond to feedback quicker.

Saskia’s Digital Twin Key Differentiator

Saskia has developed an algorithm using Computer Vision and Deep Learning that can identify behavioral patterns not just based on facial features but also on the basis of other characteristics such as the attire/dressing of that person for that particular day.
Finding Behavior Pattern

Tracking the Movement of a person in a restricted/marked area. When the Movement, Frequency, and Speed match the person’s authority, we can detect suspicious activities.It can also be used in Sports. For example, in football, tennis, Cricket, baseball, etc.

Virtual Sniffer/Back-Trace

Create a path/trace of a person even if there are non-overlapping cameras. This is useful when suspicious activity is detected/reported. Tracking of Non-overlapping cameras is based on the aspects of human re-identification, camera-link model-based tracking, and graph model-based tracking.When we run the trace of multiple people, we can even identify the interaction points/places.

Prevent Catastrophic Accidents

Surveillance systems that raise alerts automatically at public places like airports, metros, railway station offices, restaurants, etc. when people/groups of people approach the restricted areas.

Auto-Processing of Video Footage

Watching video footage can lead to tons of Man Hours, fatigue, and Boredom. As a result of that, Operator’s analysis can be considered as risky.With set KPIs, we can automate this.

Auto Analysis of Zoning

Tracking combined with Gender and Age Detection, we can analyze and study the decisions made by people on which path to go or which store they enter.

Efficiency Monitoring

By Tracking a person/ object and its trajectory path, we can monitor his or her efficiency and predict the different possible paths/routes to maximize the efficiency.

Embark Your Digital Twin Journey With Us

Work with us and see how we do these. We promise to go the extra mile for every project that we take on board.


Unleash The Power Of Innovation Where Intelligence Meets Creativity

At Saskia Development and Integration, we specialize in applying solutions related to Artificial Intelligence, AR-VR, and IoT. Based in Switzerland with our development teams in India, our experts approach the digital transformation challenges of your company/industry with creativity and professionalism to find the most efficient solution for your business.

We believe in delivering end-to-end Al integrated applications covering a wide range of companies and industries. To do this, we promote novel technologies such as the digital twin that creates virtual representations of the physical world, mastering its most important interconnections. Our tailor-made solutions help your business to expedite your business process(es) and boost your productivity. We deliver a personalized experience to your company/industry, enabling you to build more robust strategies for your business.



We created a fully streamlined and automated workflow based on our expertise with concrete AI-enabled Digital Twin solutions. It allows for more effective data management, reduces operations & logistics costs, and significantly reduced delivery times.


Analyze Business and Problems

We don’t just look for the problem’s root cause; we also calculate the risks it poses in the long run. Along with that, we understand and deep down your business process to find the most efficient solution for your business.


Create Meaningful and Impactful Solutions

We develop a solution that is highly adaptable, simple to implement, and can be improvised to the greatest extent possible. We deploy a DT solution that combines models that emulate DT’s physical counterpart that supports the model(s) in terms of accuracy.


Deploy Real-world Applications

We implement the solution in the real world while keeping in mind that the end-users are also intelligent.

Facilitate wide foot of Industries

Different Industry Verticals We Serve

Logistics & Supply Chain
Manipulating core business growth indices via robust IT.
Manipulating core business growth indices via robust IT.
Manipulating core business growth indices via robust IT.
Manipulating core business growth indices via robust IT.
Manipulating core business growth indices via robust IT.
Manipulating core business growth indices via robust IT.
Manipulating core business growth indices via robust IT.

With the right Al perspective, you can really elevate your business and accelerate your growth with our Digital Twin solution. So, let your business be an innovation addict and see how Saskia does that.

An integrated approach to Al-enabled digital twin development
We constantly do our best to meet our client's needs, including taking care of their project life-cycle. You just need to share your idea, and we'll handle everything else, from product strategy to development to maintenance, support, and potential future revisions.
Customized solutions for your business
With the help of AI, we provide a plethora of opportunities for both established organizations and new entrants into the market. We provide a variety of Al solutions embedded with Digital Twin to ensure that each of our clients can take advantage of these prospects.
We are here for you
We make every effort to guarantee that every product we create is polished and functional, but you don't have to take our word for it. Our portfolio of over many projects has earned us distinction over the years that we've been in business, so you can be assured that your project is in good hands.

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